Sometimes we can find somewhere for ourselves

Coastal, Colour Photography

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I am a self taught amateur photographer with a passion for restoring old farmhouses, mad about road cycling and enjoys relaxing by log fires whenever I can.

13 thoughts on “Sometimes we can find somewhere for ourselves”

  1. Que ce rocher est imposant et résistant à l’érosion et au temps. J’aimerai particulièrement me trouver là, à cet instant précis…j’imagine la fraîcheur de l’eau.

    • Oui, cette énorme rocher s’est effondré à partir de la falaise pour faire un point impressionnant de mise au point. La mer était un peu fraîche, mais tellement rafraîchissant sous le ciel bleu. Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire, il est vraiment chère

    • Muchas gracias por ese comentario muy elogioso y el inicial en la toma que se señaló a la gran roca que, como ustedes dicen que me llevó a ver de nuevo el punto de vista que yo quería en el tiro y vuelvo muchos besos

  2. I find the symmetry of the repeating shapes and the play on scale interesting. Beautiful day as well

    • Thanks so much for your comment and I really like the way you have looked and commented on this photo. I was really drawn to the huge rock in the sea and secondly the sinus cliff line. Once again many thanks

  3. I’d love to be planted there for days. Your photo speaks solitude so well.

    • Many thanks for taking the time to look at my work and I really appreciate your comment. It is a rather special place for those quiet moments

  4. Would be lovely to be walking along the shore today, the sky is such a fabulous colour! Another great shot!

    • Thanks! yes I was lucky to be out yesterday and the sea took on an aqua green with hints of soft white as the tide came in over the chalk

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