Vast Skies and turn the colour upside down

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I am a self taught amateur photographer with a passion for restoring old farmhouses, mad about road cycling and enjoys relaxing by log fires whenever I can.

11 thoughts on “Vast Skies and turn the colour upside down”

  1. Je n’ai pas de telles lignes d’horizons, chez moi, le ciel est petit et les montagnes sont grandes. Je suis en admiration devant ce ciel.

    • Moi aussi j’aime les vastes cieux, mais j’aime aussi la façon dont la lumière du matin ou de la danse des nuages ​​autour des montagnes. Chaque lieu a sa propre beauté en attente d’être découvert et aimé pour l’instant

  2. That almost looks like it could be the Prairies, Little house on the Prairie style! You could almost touch those clouds. Breathtaking!

    • Crikey! Many many thanks. I have always love vast skies and the prairie images I have seen certainly influenced the final feeling/effect I wanted from this photograph

  3. That’s a beautiful landscape and I love the rich colours of teal in the sky and gold orange in the field. It wouldn’t be the same photo without the clouds,

    • I totally agree bout the clouds, remove these and the drama is removed. Many thanks for your comment and continued support

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